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diş beyazlatma implant-dis-tedavisi ortodontik tedaviler

Implant Treatments

Any kind of artificial substance which is planted into the human body is called “implant”. Dental implants, on the other hand, are artificial roots of teeth made from titanium...


Teeth Whitening

Every person has a specific color of their teeth just as they have skin or eye color. The color of teeth differs according to race, age and geographical location. For example, people with African ethnicity have the whitest teeth whereas Caucasians have yellower tone of teeth

Periodontology (Gum) Treatments

Periodontology is a dental specialty which handles gum diseases and treatment. The word "periodontal" means the surrounding area of the teeth, whereas gingiva means gum. The words used for defining the inflammation of gum tissue are "gingivitis" and "periodontitis".

Prosthetic Treatments

A lot of people are using dental prostheses in our country and around the world. The number of patients using complete or partial dentures grow every day. These kinds of removable prostheses help gain back the esthetic look as well as facilitate function (chewing) and phonation.